Saturday, June 13, 2015

This week at the library; or, Summer has truly begun

Early birds waiting for the program to start
What's going on; in my head and at the library
  • Summer reading has fully begun. By the end of Monday we had over 500 kids registered. This is due in large part to my assistant, who I skillfully scheduled at the most busy times of the has been a pretty easy kick-off, as these things go but I have still gone over my "Celebrating the Chaos" post from last year a few times! This year is, overall, going so much more smoothly. Fewer programs, fewer big extravaganza programs - I feel like I should feel frantic, but there's no reason to!
  • I heartily recommend Science Alliance. They offer a lot of different science-based programs and they can handle my crowds! We hit 125 for this show, thanks to some moms who spread the word to the local homeschooling group. Unfortunately the a/c wasn't working, but you can't have everything...
  • School group came on Wednesday. About 35 kids, beautifully behaved as always. I got them signed up for summer reading and helped with lots of book requests. Next year I'm going to work on the biography collection.
  • Thursday we had a slow start to Lego Club, the weather is a bit iffy, but 44 people came overall so that was quite enough, even if it's nothing compared to last year.
  • Friday was crazy busy. I left around 4 and then came back Saturday to handle more busy and get the planting (finally) done.
Some Projects Completed/In Progress This Week
  • Nothing. It's summer reading
Ongoing and New Stealth Programs and Displays
What the kids are reading; A Selection
  • Messenger by Lois Lowry
  • Where are the Cirque du Freak books?
  • Lots of discussion of manga with fans who only come in during the summer
  • Son of Neptune (finally enough copies!)
  • Mustache Baby and "making" books (from school visit) all checked out - gave her Mo's Mustache, Mustache by Mac Barnett, and Chloe's Lion.
  • Parent-defined reluctant reader who only likes Minecraft and Wimpy Kid. Recommended the Minecraft novels (which are checked out), Nick and Tesla, and DK Adventures.
  • 3rd book in the Wings of Fire series
  • Easy readers for a beginning/struggling reader (multiple requests) Elephant and Piggie, Biscuit
  • Books about the military - suggested Bearport for easier reading levels
  • Allie Condie's Crossed - mysteriously missing.
  • Books about leading/social change - suggested Be a changemaker
  • Books about sewing
  • Minecraft
  • Lexiles, but thankfully the parent let the kids pick out something they were just interested in - I found scary stories for one and Bone for the other
  • Another Bone request
  • My big fat zombie goldfish (from school visit)
  • Dinosaur books for summer school
  • School visit - Captain Underpants, Star Wars, magic tricks, pop star biographies
  • Beginning chapter mysteries (didn't phrase it this way - child was reading Hardy Boys and it was too hard) gave them Buddy Files.
  • Mom of 5th grader who is reluctant to read - after some discussion of his tastes, I picked out Scientists in the Field and Desperate Adventures of Zeno and Alya
  • Recommended Detective's Assistant
  • Requests for the panda book I brought to school
  • "the blue book" I brought to school - turned out to be El Deafo
  • More mysteries
  • Harry Potter (two shelves and I bought more but they're still almost all gone)
  • Teen novel nobody in our system owns, something horror-ish? I made a note to purchase and put it on hold.
  • Still waiting for the 7th Wings of Fire - not out yet.
  • Struggling reader - had them read a sample of an easy reader and then picked out a number of beginning easy readers. Really need more of the very beginning ones.
  • and lots, lots, lots, lots more

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