Sunday, July 12, 2015

RA RA READ: Beginning Chapters for Animal Lovers

When I weeded Animal Ark, as circulation was dropping, the books we still had were in awful condition, and the whole series was out of print, I knew we needed to have alternatives at hand. Beginning chapters about animals are always popular, but there are a gazillion series out there so there's no need to stick with the old ones!

Our favorite beginning chapter animal series right now are:
Some newer series that are growing in popularity:
More beginning chapter animal series:
  • Magic Pony/Puppy/Kitty/Bunny by Sue Bentley
    • This is like a cross between Rainbow Magic and Animal Ark
  • Buddy Files by Dori Butler
    • Buddy is a dog who investigates mysteries, but he's a very realistic dog as well.
  • Lulu by Hilary McKay
  • Down Girl and Sit by Lucy Nolan
    • This is a super funny series told from the viewpoint of the dogs.
  • Daisy Dawson by Steve Voake
    • Daisy Dawson loves animals and when she finds out she can talk to them, they have many adventures.
  • Dog Diaries by Kate Klimo
    • Each book features a different historical dog or breed.
  • Animal Stories by Holly Webb (Jess the Lonely Puppy, Max the Missing Puppy, etc.) 
  • National Geographic Kids Chapters
    • Each book has 3-4 true stories about animals grouped around a theme - animals who help people, animals who do funny trucks, etc.

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