Saturday, August 29, 2015

This week at the library; or, Get thee behind me procrastination

have some more gladiolas
What's going on; in my head and at the library
  • I was really going to get all the reports and paperwork finished on Monday. But we had a staff meeting, and then the school brought all the kids and we had to hang out, and then kids needed help finding things and then a kid got lost (only not really)...I did manage to finish nearly everything though!
  • Tuesday I was covering the evening shift for a colleague and had all sorts of plans for the morning at home. I slept most of it. Then I worked on lexiles and made myself so sleepy that I had to shelve movies to wake up.
  • Wednesday I worked on movies and then lexiles. I've finished reformatting and updating the lists that were done and now I'm figuring out how to do the rest that have to start from scratch...I've decided instead of downloaded the massive Excel files, to use the Pinterest boards of recent purchases and work backwards from there. I spent about 20 minutes trying to fix a stupid thing in Word and.....the big news of the day.....I'M GETTING A SINK!!! I have wanting a portable sink for my program room for pretty much seven years and the Friends are giving me one! It's the best present ever *sniff*.
  • and then of course Scholastic Reading Counts crashed and I couldn't work on the Lexiles project. CURSE YOU SCHOLASTIC READING COUNTS AND LEXILES!!
Some projects completed/in progress this week
  • wishlist/request for funding sent to Friends
  • summer/august report
  • drafted yearly report
  • 900 Lexiles reformatted and updated
  • overhauled the movie noodle project and shifted and shelved the movies
Stealth Programs and Displays
What the kids are reading; A Selection
  • I survived (multiple requests)
  • vampire and zombie books
  • Gumball (movies)
  • skateboarding games (wii)
  • wanted Boys are Dogs (recommended last time and she fell in love with them) but the ones she hadn't read were checked out so I recommended Small Persons with Wings, Heartbreak Messenger, Calli be gold, and Battle of Darcy Lane
  • long coaxing RA with a reluctant reader. Finally got her to take Smith's Stormrunner, Drama and Sisters and an audiobook to try. Maybe.
  • Batman 66
  • Recommendations for a 5th grader with a super high reading level and interest in engineering and robotics - Macaulay's Building books and MAKE magazine.
  • Wings of Fire stumper
  • books and movies for a 3 and 5 year old - ballet section and peg+cat
  • Sisters Grimm
  • Little house on the prairie
  • graphic novels

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