Saturday, August 1, 2015

This week at the library; or, The summer ends with a splash

What's going on; in my head and at the library
  • PANIC. My Storywagon performer had to cancel due to illness. Luckily, Science Alliance came through for me, but it was a very frantic afternoon of phone calls!
  • It was a good thing I got a backup - we had a huge group of people for Pattie's toddler times in the morning and then 117 for the Science Alliance show.
  • I ordered 70 pool noodles
  • Only about 30 people showed up at Lego Club, but they were about 70% new and extremely enthusiastic. They were all very excited about coming back in the fall and I consider this one of my more successful Lego Clubs with the connections that were made.
Some Projects Completed/In Progress This Week
  • Cleaned off the stack of repairs on my desk
  • Worked on movie collection development - replacing/weeding titles that have checked out over 200 times, clearing out duplicates, etc. in preparation for the massive reflux of returns.
  • Staff meeting, website meeting, and then working on scheduling and marketing programs
Ongoing and New Stealth Programs and Displays
What the kids are reading; A Selection
  • Nancy Drew Clue Crew (this was actually last week but I didn't want to forget)
  • John Cena, Randy Orton, more easy reader wrestling books!
  • science books - Try This
  • Sharks (great white sharks)
  • Jurassic park - put TIM defender of earth and Raising Rufus on hold
  • Batman vs. Superman - I think they wanted comics with the new movie, but the only thing I found on Baker and Taylor isn't slated to come out until December
  • Requests for Flash comics
  • Book suggestions for a 5th grader - this was a difficult one since she wasn't there, but from what I elicited I suggested Ingo, Amelia Rules, and How to survive middle school.
  • Suggested audiobooks for a family going on a trip - you don't have to take just movies!
  • My faithful RA fan - I think he just likes to see how many books I can suggest. I managed to find another six titles for him to try (this is getting more difficult because he never finishes series!)
  • Bridges and castles, especially drawbridges, for a four year old.
  • Really scary stories for a camping trip - Schwartz, Half-Minute Horrors, and Stine's Beware
  • Anne Frank
  • something not as scary as scary tales to tell in the dark - suggested James Preller's Scary Stories

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