Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Read, Read, Read said the Baby: Piggy Paints by Jim Benton

Jim Benton, best known for the Franny K. Stein and Dear Dumb Diary series, expands to board books in this funny rhyming romp.

Mischievous Piggy wakes up, ready to paint. Soon the walls, floor, paper, and every available surface is splashed with color and images until Piggy retires, exhausted, to bed. The swinging rhymes will entrance your small listeners and make them want to try their own painting (hopefully not on the walls). "Piggy paints big./Piggy paints little./Piggy paints pigs/with a kitty in the middle."

The art is Benton's trademark cartoon style with a humorous touch that older listeners and readers will appreciate while younger children call out colors and animals. Piggy's wicked grin and admiring friends, combined with the effervescent enjoyment of his artistic endeavors makes this a delightful romp.

The book is a slightly smaller format, about 5x5 inches square, but the pages are sturdy and it's a nice average size overall.

Verdict: A fun addition, if your patrons aren't too uptight that they worry about paint on the walls! This is one in a series of silly board books from Jim Benton.

ISBN: 9780545647854; Published 2015 by Cartwheel/Scholastic; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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