Thursday, October 29, 2015

Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy by Daisy Meadows

The Rainbow Magic series is divided into sets of themed fairies - the weather fairies, the sports fairies, the jewel fairies, etc. This title is from the pet fairies series. Each follows a similar theme - the naughty ice goblins make trouble and a group of mortal girls get to help the fairies put things right.

In this case, the ice goblins have stolen the magical pets. The story in the third volume starts out with Kristy and Rachel visiting Strawberry Farm and thinking about the magical pets they've already helped rescue. When a guinea pig escapes from the Pet Corner, they are chasing him when he....flies? It's one of the magical pets! Georgia the guinea pig fairy appears and together the three of them try to get Sparky back. It's not so easy when the ice goblins appear though! Can they outwit the mean goblins?

As you can see from the cover, this series does include a wide variety of skin colors in the fairies. The interior art is simple black and white drawings, with no skin color for any of the characters so it's not possible to tell if the girls are diverse, although they have what appears to be blond and black hair, respectively. The art is very cute and has a distinct British feel, with its blend of cozy and sparkly.

Has any adult actually read these? Well, one has now. Rainbow Magic is one of those paperback series that are pumped out for beginning readers. Most people just assume they're trite and light reading, suitable for kids who need the continuity of a familiar series to improve their reading abilities. Well, they're pretty much...right on the nose for that one. That doesn't mean it's a bad book though - it does exactly what it sets out to do. I have both boys and girls who enjoy reading these; the simple plots, engaging characters (fairies! goblins! girls helping fairies!) and cute artwork make these an easy series to encourage kids to jump into reading.

Verdict: You must have at least a couple of these series in your library, if not all of them (I'm not sure anyone could keep up with all of them). I recommend the classic weather, jewel, and pet fairies to start with.

ISBN: 9780545133227; Published 2006 by Scholastic; From my personal collection; Owned by the library

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