Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dreaming of Books: Beginning chapter sparkly books with diverse characters

I had this feature as a page, but it didn't get updated enough. I'm going to make it an occasional posting thing. These are the books I wish publishers would publish....

I am looking for more fairy, princess, sparkly, fantasy books for beginning readers with diverse characters, a la Rescue Princesses.

Rainbow Magic is ok, but the only diversity aspect is the characters' skin color on the covers and every book is exactly the same.

Mermaid Tales is very popular, but like Rainbow Magic the only diversity is the girls on the covers and there's even less variety.

Rescue Princesses is awesome. It's got the princess factor, it's a good reading level, and it features a diverse cast of characters and cultures in a simple, kid-friendly way. It's also got girls who go on adventures and rescue animals! Pretty much all my girls love this, but I've also gotten enthusiastic responses from parents, especially a couple big families with adopted children who want books that their kids can read to spark off discussions of their birth cultures.

And, we've already got suggestions!

  • Enchanted Sisters by Elisa Allen (only drawback is there's only 4)

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