Saturday, November 21, 2015

This week at the library; or, I am thankful for vacation

What's going on; in my head and at the library
  • This was a crazy week. Not as crazy as some, but I am definitely ready for the weekend and some time off over the holiday. I thought last week was crazy.....
  • Practically the first thing that happened on Monday was I accidentally deleted my master calendar for the entire year. Yes. I did this. I can't believe it either.
  • Then I tried to put books on hold for our next Bookaneers meeting and was frustrated that no other libraries seem to purchase the books I want. Why aren't they buying National Geographic pre-readers in bulk??
  • I made it through 5 storytimes on Tuesday, although I lost my voice near the end and got a miserable headache.
  • If only I had the money someone previously expended on library-bound biographies of celebrities from the 90s....
  • I did a very abbreviated form of Winter Wigglers on Wednesday, then, my car being unavailable, prevailed upon my associate to drive us over to discuss a new remote collection for a group of middle school and high school students (I guess they're remedial or something? Not really sure, but I'm friends with the teacher and many of the kids and they don't have any books!)
  • Embossing went really well on Thursday. Got my aides started on shifting the juvenile shelves and may owe one in particular chocolate, as apparently some of the shelves don't fit when moved and I had sort of forgotten that...
  • Friday happened and then it snowed.
Some projects completed/in progress this week
  • Finished weeding and making replacement carts for oversize titles (one of them SMELLED. *shudder*)
  • Started fiddling around with weeding 000-300s. I'm going to update Bible stories next year and there are a lot of things in that section that didn't get updated/weeded when I did neighborhoods - I only did the 398s and 623s really thoroughly (book by book I mean).
  • I made an agenda for our meeting next week. Things are getting real.
  • Emailed a high school teacher with an idea for a new circulating collection, then popped over to talk to her about it. I think it's going to happen!
  • Turned in the paperwork for my mini grant. I won't be able to actually circulate the materials until later - many of them need books or containers and I have to wait until late in December/early January to have the budget to finish them.
What the kids are reading; A Selection
  • Bone (really need to move the poster closer to the books)
  • TIM defender of earth and Enormous Egg recommended for a patron I know checking out Raising Rufus
  • Sports bios (this will be updated with new books soon! except I can't find anything recent on Michael Jordan )-:)
  • The most reluctant reader I have ever met has become hooked on Jake Maddox. SCORE!
  • lexiles for a 5th grader, reading suggestions for a reluctant 3rd grader. looks like i'll be getting some more book club attendees!
  • more lexiles. apparently everyone needs points to turn in now.
  • Helped a patron find pictures and information about the state of Virginia. I think for a homework project? I should get the rest of that Arcadia series.
  • Wimpy kid
  • I survived
  • Dear dumb diaries
  • Treasure hunters
  • easy readers like easy DK readers
  • non-princess books for grandpa to read to his little princess-lover (-:)
  • easy books about trees
  • and a personal recommendation of Georgette Heyer


Roberta said...

I hadn't heard of the Arcadia series before. What is the reading level for those?

Had to laugh about the Georgette Heyer. My college roommate was addicted to those.

Jennifer said...

They're not very recent, but exactly what this patron wanted since they are sort of a trivia of facts with photos. Probably about a beginning/intermediate reading level.

Ms Fictitious said...


I'm wondering if you used tooling foil or regular tinfoil? I have the majority of a roll from a craft earlier this year but I'm a little wary of sharp edges near the neck.

Jennifer said...

Just regular foil and a blunt wooden instrument - I think they're actually made for scratch art. If you look at the instructions on the original, which is linked here, they say you can just use a blunt pencil or pen.