Monday, December 21, 2015

Nonfiction Monday: Explore My World: Snow Leopards by Jill Esbaum

Who doesn't love fluffy, adorable snow leopards? Match that with a fun text that's perfect for young listeners and National Geographic's excellent layout and photographs and you have a fun book for any young reader or listener.

The Explore My World series is meant to be read aloud to young children, or for beginning readers to tackle on their own. Large captions start two or three pages of simple text, narrating a snow leopard's life as she gives birth and cares for her cubs, who grow up in their turn. The background vary from full-spread photographs to simple figured colored backgrounds - snowflakes on a blue background for a section about winter, etc. The text is on plain backgrounds, either white or colored. The book ends with some simple additional information - a map of where snow leopards live and a challenge to name the parts of the snow leopard, from paws to tail.

The book is an 8x8 square and available in both hardcover and paperback. Throughout the book are questions and pictures to make children think about what they are reading or listening to. When it talks about the snow leopard's diet, it asks kids to think about what they eat and how it's different and the same as the leopards' food.

Plus, lots and lots of snow leopard photos, from adorable to majestic.

Verdict: This is a great book to add either to your nonfiction picture books, easy readers, to use in storytimes to add some nonfiction, or just promote to parents. This series has been very well-received at my library and I strongly recommend it.

ISBN: 9781426317040; Published 2014 by National Geographic; Purchased for the library

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