Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Seasons by Ailie Busby

 Oh Child's Play, how I love your board books. LOVE. Ahem.

So, seasons. There is no such thing as too many seasons books and certainly not in board book format (or any format really. If I never see another apple book again I would die happy...). This is a delightful interpretation with a sweet illustrator and a diverse cast of characters.

I'm starting with Fall because, well, it's fall! The first person narrative talks about typical fall sounds, sights, and smells from rustling leaves to picking blackberries, stomping in the mud to baking pies. In the end, the children dream of all the wonderful things they have experienced.

In Winter, the narrator talks about cold toes and winter clothes, snow, feeding the birds, and playing indoor games. Snuggly bedtime stories end the delightful sensory experiences of the season.

Spring brings singing birds and baby animals, outdoor exploration and everything growing - including kids!

Finally, Summer is a season for hot days and swimsuits, for picnics in the sand (and sand in the sandwiches!). There is warm rain and colorful flowers, and finally falling asleep, tired but happy, in the late evening sunshine.

Busby's illustrations are colorful and busy with lots of details, from flowers and plants to animals and people, to point out. As in many of Child Play's board books, there is a diverse cast not only in race but also in ability and age. The children pictured range from babies and toddlers still in diapers to preschoolers and those old enough to ride a bike without training wheels. There are curly red heads, children with dark skin, and many other races and biracial children. Many children have glasses, one has an eye patch, one wears a headscarf (not that that's a disability, but it sort of fits with the accessories, in my weird mind anyways). There's a child with a hearing aide and one with a cast or brace on their wrist. In the dress-up scene in winter, the children happily mix and match fairy wings, dresses, pants, and short hair without regard to gender stereotypes. Both rural, urban, and suburban backgrounds are pictured.

The books are sturdy 8x8 inch squares with easy to clean pages and decent bindings.The text is a large font and easy to read while little ones juggle and poke at the book.

Verdict: Another winning series from Child's Play (if board books won awards and someday when I find some other regular board book reviewers I'm going to get on that!) and one that your library should definitely own, especially if you live in an area with these typical seasons. Highly recommended.

Published 2015 by Child's Play; Review copies provided by the publisher; Donated to the library

ISBN: 9781846437441

ISBN: 9781846437458

ISBN: 9781846437410

ISBN: 9781846437427

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