Saturday, December 5, 2015

This week at the library; or, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's back to work I go

so much for my squirrel resistant birdfeeder
What's going on, in my head and at the library
  • Back to work! And all the things I forgot to do before I left...I will merely sum up Monday by saying my aide told me we need more vinegar and a bottle brush and I packed up six baskets of books for delivery.
  • Tuesday was just as crazy. Desperately trying to get everything ready for book club and outreach and work the desk and staff evaluations and PHEW.
  • I ended up staying late several days and came in late on Friday, going to Walmart for last-minute use-up-the-budget-and-the-pig-money purchases like vinegar and marbles (and then I decided to save the pig money after all)
  • and then it was even more busy. the end.
Stealth Programs/Displays
What the kids are reading: A selection
  • Lightning thief (couldn't find b/c they got split on two shelves)
  • Alice by Naylor (need to continue buying new replacements for this series)
  • Tis the Season by Payton (I am the only library that gets these, promised to put the new one on hold as soon as I get it - no more $$ left this year)
  • Rabbit books
  • high lexile quick reads - gave her some nonfiction animal books - Steve Jenkins, Nic Bishop, Ted Lewin
  • Family movies - Miss Minoes and Molly Moon
  • Books about "characters" Chloe and the Lion
  • read-alikes for Voyagers and Paulsen - 9 year old just getting into reading. Will Hobbs, Infinity Ring, 39 Clues
  • more like Capstone Nickolas Flux - Nathan Hale
  • Lots of requests for Christmas around the world this year - need to get a set or something.
  • Lexiles
  • Books for a 7 year old having a baby sister - Emma Dilemma and other picks from Family neighborhood
  • patron stopped to tell me how much they loved I will take a nap and how grateful they are I got them into E&P
  • encyclopedia - realized after patron left that i had exactly what they wanted back on my weeding cart as i meant to get one that wasn't 20 years old. darn it.
Paws to Read 
  • Lazy Dave (my recommendation)
  • Rainbow magic
  • a silly book about a cat
  • Dirty dinosaur
  • Rescue princesses
  • Nickolas Flux
  • I really like slop

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