Saturday, December 12, 2015

This week at the library; or it's not feeling much like Christmas

What's going on, in my head and at the library
  • Sigh. Nothing like starting the week with a trip to the dentist. It actually feels a lot like fall with fog and temperatures in the 30s-50s. I do actually like this type of weather, but I like to walk in it and then curl up at home. Oh well.
  • Our director was on vacation so I had Jess do the morning outreach visits on Wednesday and I just did the two afternoon ones - and then covered the Friends meeting in the evening.
  • We had HUGE holiday programs this week. I am ready for a break.
  • Nonfiction weeding - still working on the 300s
  • Cleaning up the last parts of the budget
  • I did a little promo for Paws to Read with the homeschool group
  • Working on scheduling/booking performers for next year
What the kids are reading: A selection
  • Ever after high
  • Beginning easy readers
  • book on Antarctica
  • pink books
  • pokemon chapter books or easy readers (we don't have any)
  • polar express (can't find it)
  • lexiles
  • lexiles again
  • still more lexiles
  • house of robots (need to buy this)
  • morgan rhodes (note to teen selector)
Popular titles from my outreach to high-level readers
  • Keeper of the Lost Cities 
  • Magicalamity
  • Heart of the Samurai
  • Shadow on the Mountain
  • Counting by 7s
  • Moon over Manifest
  • The Headless Cupid
  • Cabinet of Wonders
  • Cupcake Cousins
  • Battle of Darcy Lane
  • Dogs of winter
I am THRILLED that some of my older favorites, Headless Cupid and Cabinet of Wonders, were popular!

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