Sunday, January 10, 2016

Budget Numbers, Circulation Numbers, Programming Numbers, I Haz Them ALL (Part 3: Collection and Circulation)

The Statistics Octopus. It's a Thing.
Last year was the final "weird" year in my collection development, due to Neighborhoods and other changes. From now on, it's going to be beautifully organized! Really. I have fancy spreadsheets to divide up the money in each category and I'm going to stick to them. Also, if you are anal enough to check my math, total circulation won't match the collected numbers by location because it includes holds from other libraries.

Total Circulation: 124,502
Increase from 2014: 3,905

Circulation by Location

  • Board Books: 4,215
    • Decrease of 298. I did not buy a lot of new board books last year. We have reached maximum saturation and I need to weed this collection before I can purchase new titles and bring circulation up again.
  • Easy Readers: 9,190
    • Down by 510. This is disappointing, but I think I need to purchase heavily more of the very beginning books as that's what people are looking for.
  • Juvenile Fiction: 14,624
    • Increased by 504. The increased outreach and remote collections with school-agers, plus the book clubs, are behind this I think.
  • Juvenile Series: 3,194
    • Increased by 300. I'm finally catching up after the traumatic move a few years ago.
  • Juvenile - New: 3,113
    • This was an increase of 1,013 but that's basically because I bought a lot of juvenile fiction this year and we didn't change the locations very frequently.
  • Juvenile Nonfiction: 7,558
    • Down by 1,432. I finished the neighborhoods at the beginning of 2015, but I still have a few more things to move. I also need to do a lot of serious weeding and updating.
  • Picture Books: 31,002
    • Increase of 3,788. The neighborhoods just keep on raking it in! My increased outreach collections didn't hurt either.

  • Young Adult Graphics (includes manga and anime): 2,597
    • Increased by 672. I more than made up for my decrease last year! Hopefully continuing to steadily add new manga and comics will keep these numbers up. Also I started an anime collection.
  • Young Adult Magazines: 336
    • Increase of 64. This is basically due to my donation of my collection of Deadpool.
  • Young Adult (includes nonfiction and audiobooks): 5,394
    • Down by 320. Who can predict YA?

  • Juvenile Music CDs: 915
    • I separated this collection out in the middle of 2014 so it will be one more year before I can accurately judge the numbers.
  • Children's DVDs: 26,677
    • Down by 797. I am ok with this. I weeded a lot of titles so the shelves weren't packed so full and we didn't hit the high circ numbers in summer because the pool was available again.
  • Juvenile Audiobooks: 627
    • Increase of 45. I purchased some additional audiobooks before summer.
  • Book + CD bags: 208
    • This is the exact same number as last year!
  • Juvenile Blu-Ray: 1,196
    • Decrease of 42. This is not really a popular format.
  • Juvenile Video Games: 3,117
    • Increase of 142. I added several new formats - the newer formats of xbox and ps and ds games.

  • Holiday Books: 1,849
  • Juvenile Magazines: 365
  • Parenting: 77
  • Juvenile Spanish: 185
  • Toys: 614
Collection size: 
Overall, our collection increased by 1,181 to a total collection size of 23,708. No collections drastically increased or decreased. Picture books, Juvenile fiction and YA graphics were up the most, Nonfiction, Spanish, and Oversized were down the most due to weeding and relocating materials.

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Annette Bay Pimentel said...

Wow. Speaking as a non-librarian, this is amazing to see the numbers for a library. I knew libraries were important,!