Monday, January 4, 2016

Nonfiction Monday: Bee Dance by Rick Chrustowski

There's so much great nonfiction for young listeners coming out now that I sometimes feel like just diving in and swimming around in all the glorious books!

"When sunlight warms your honeybee wings, off you go on flower patrol!" begins this story of a bee. The bee discovers flowers, communicates with a dance, and sends the forager bees out to collect pollen.

The illustrations are bold, bright, and geometrical, a perfect fit for the honeybees' venture out into the sunshine and flowers and their hive. The cut paper collages give a childlike feel to the story and additional pastel pencil details add a note of realism to the design.

A page at the end explains in more detail how the honeybee's dance works and there is a brief author note for older readers.

The bold, simple text would make both a wonderful read-aloud and a suitable easy reader for kids starting out on their own. This is a perfect book for the youngest listeners - pair it with some dancing and a honeybee song or two for best results! It's a good book for gateway learning for older readers as well - get them interested in the idea of dancing as communication and extend it from there.

Verdict: Great for storytimes, great for a school library, great all over. Highly recommended.

ISBN: 9780805099195; Published 2015 by Henry Holt; Purchased for the library

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