Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: My Little World: Snap by Jonathan Litton, illustrated by Fhiona Galloway

I've really liked some of the previous titles in this series, but this one kind of confused me.

On the first page, the crocodile says she has a "super square" and that readers should yell "snap" when they find its pair. The next page does have two green squares, but the text is about a circle and invites readers to spot its pair. The next page has only one square, two circles, and you find a pair of stars. And so on. The diamond shape is called a "kite" throughout. The last two pages invite readers to match up all the shapes on the pages. I think the "game" is confusing - are you looking for a square in each page? or the matching shapes talked about on each page? That's not clear from the first pages. I also think the diamond should be called a diamond. I wonder, though, if this is a British thing I'm missing out on - isn't there a British game called Snap?

The illustrations are colorful and attractive and kids will certainly enjoy the die cut shapes in the thick cardboard pages. The book is a sturdy square and most kids won't care much about any little issues in the text.

Verdict: I would recommend this one if you have the rest of the series; if not, start with the others first as this one isn't quite as good as the other titles.

ISBN: 9781589255661; Published 2014 by Tiger Tales; Purchased for the library

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