Saturday, January 9, 2016

This week at the library; or, Plunging into the New Year

You just have to do what you have to do to get to the good stuff
What's happening in my head and at the library
  • I usually start programs the week after school starts but for various reasons we started back this week. I have lots of exciting plans for the winter/spring semester and a very healthy to do list! But I'm not going to tell you. It will be a surprise as it unfolds. So there.
  • Monday was exhausting. We had a very busy Saturday and the repercussions held over to Monday! We had a staff meeting, I cleaned off my desk, and then I spent most of the afternoon packing 8-9 outreach baskets (about 175 books total) to go out to various classes and preschool groups. I have created an online spreadsheet to keep track of the books for my upper level remote collections (the preschools take what they can get).
  • Tuesday I flaked out. After Monday and everything....I just sat at the desk, smiled at everyone, and worked on mindless updating of lists of things. And then did book club.
  • Wednesday things finally slowed down, which was good because my associate was out. I worked on more lists and things after I did storytime. And new books came!
  • Thursday my associate was still out. I got bored and came to work early, had a good group for Lego Club and a few kids for Tap to Play.
  • Friday I planned to get all my projects done! Of course, there were interruptions...I pulled more books for teachers, a group home visited, etc. but I did finish my yearly report, a big chunk of weeding, and answered a real reference question. It doesn't matter that it was a five year old who asked. Research Happened.
  • Saturday Things didn't go as planned - staff were out sick, I forgot we'd have to move all the tables after movie night, etc. but a decent number of people turned out despite the snow and I was finally able to go home. Talk about the week that never ended....
  • End of year reports and Facebook posts
  • Updating Pinterest new materials boards and lexile spreadsheets
  • Weeding 400-500s
What the kids are reading
  • Looking for the new books (I moved them)
  • Talked to a kid checking out Ninja Meerkats
  • Reidy's too purpley, too pickley etc. (I think my copies fell apart)
  • Amelia Bedelia
  • penguins and elephants
  • children's book about making new year resolutions. um...don't have anything.
  • fairy tales (winter reading and forensics)
  • kids' favorites from storytime, which they checked out - Jan Thomas, Don't push the button, It's a tiger
  • isle of the lost
  • lots of easy reader questions
  • i love to draw dogs
  • star wars questions
  • where is our minions rental? nobody knows
  • Diary of Anne Frank
  • books about food for a baby shower
  • dolphin fiction for a high-level six year old. This really stumped me. I gave them one of the National Geographic chapters, which has dolphins, and Hesse's Music of Dolphins (told the mom to read it first) and suggested One White Dolphin and Island of the Blue Dolphins, both of which were checked out.

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