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What are the kids reading? Most checked out titles in 2015

The Statistics Octopus.
It's a Thing.
You thought I was going to talk about the ALA awards didn't you? I'm not feeling it this year. Not because of any particular dislike of the chosen titles, I've just felt rather "meh" about publishing all last year for everything. Anyways.

I thought it would be fun to see what was most checked out in 2015 and got the report for the further enjoyment of data. Of course, "most checked out" doesn't really equal most popular - a book kept overdue, something weeded because it fell apart, multiple copies split the numbers, etc. But it's an interesting thing to consider.

Board Books
  • 22: Shapeasaurus
  • 20: ABC Alphaprints
  • 20: Batman is Brave!
  • 18: Ten in the bed by Guile
  • 18: That's not my princess - her tiara is too bumpy
  • 18: Dinosaur zoom! by Dale
Picture Books
I...kind of cheated on this one. The top books are all tub books - the 8x8 paperbacks I toss in tubs. They check out constantly and frequently. However, because they have a picture book location, they come up on top! So I picked out the top picture books from the list and just ignored the tub books.
  • 21: Catch that cookie by Hallie Durand
  • 19: Monster Machines: On the construction site by Vandewiele
  • 19: Nana in the city by Lauren Castillo
  • 19: Fancy Nancy: Budding Ballerina
Easy Readers
  • 21: My new friend is so fun by Willems
  • 21: Pete the Cat: A Pet for Pete
  • 20: My new friend is so fun by Willems (2nd copy)
  • 20: The camping trip by Hapka
  • 20: Swim, fish! by Neuman
  • 18: Happy pig day! by Willems
  • 18: Pinkalicious: Tutu-rrific
Juvenile Fiction
  • 17: Pokemon Visual Companion
  • 15: Garfield Show: Unfair Weather
  • 13: Big Nate and Friends
  • 13: Big Nate genius mode
  • 13: Lego Ninjago: Challenge of Samukai
  • 13: Lego Ninjago: Rise of the serpentine
  • 13: Star Wars, Clone Wars incredible cross-sections
Juvenile Series
  • 15: Rescue princesses: The stolen crystals
  • 12: Rescue princesses: The magic rings
  • 12: Rescue princesses: The moonlight mystery
  • 11: Rescue princesses: The golden shell
  • 11: Mermaid tales: Treasure in trident city
  • 11: Mermaid tales: trouble at trident academy
  • 11: Rescue princesses: The rainbow opal
Juvenile Non-Fiction
  • 14: Just Joking 4
  • 14: Big book of minecraft by Talley
  • 14: Just Joking 3
  • 13: Minecraft essential handbook
Children's DVDs
  • 39: Team Umizoomi
  • 36: Paw Patrol
  • 36: Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic
  • 36: Bubble Guppies get ready for school
  • 35: Doc McStuffins
  • 34: Paw Patrol: Winter Rescues
  • 33: Doc McStuffins time for your checkup
  • 32: Barbie and the secret door
  • 32: Barbie a fashion fairytale
  • 32: Lego Batman, the movie
  • 32: What's new Scooby-Doo (2nd season)

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