Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Small Readers: The Long Dog by Eric Seltzer

Cheerful rhymes and silly pictures fill this book that pays homage to the classic Go, Dogs, Go easy reader.

One after another the dogs parade through the book - cold dogs, hot dogs, black dogs white dogs and a little bit more, every few pages, of that long, long dog. How long is that dog? The book ends with a picture of all the dogs holding up goodbye signs and one last silly sign from the long dog.

The pictures are cheerful, if a little out of focus and fuzzy in some cases, especially in the small details. I personally thought the giant pink bow and skateboard of the gal dog and guy dog was a little annoying - there was no need to stereotype what is supposed to just be silly dogs after all.

The text is bold and clear with short, simple sentences and repeated phrases "This is a high dog./This is a low dog." and is a good fit for kids who need just a few words on each page.

Verdict: Not a stand-out, but a perfectly serviceable filler, especially if you're looking for more level one, very easy easy readers.

ISBN: 9780545746328; Published 2015 by Scholastic; Review copy provided by publisher for Cybils; Donated to the library

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