Saturday, March 26, 2016

This week at the library; or, Only one more week until vacation!!

I'm reading these first. After I review the stack on my desk.
Then I'll go on to read the stacks on the other shelf.
And the ones in my bag.
What's going on in my head and at the library
  • Monday
    • Read with Pearl
    • Well....the police cleaned up the blood? An interesting day.
  • Tuesday
    • Toddlers 'n' Books (2 sessions) (Pattie)
    • Middle School Madness (off-site at the youth center)
    • This was a very Alexanderine day. Grrr. I took Sculpey clay to the middle schoolers and I am not even going to write it up. They had fun and made things. The end.
  • Wednesday
    • Winter Wigglers: Obstacle Course (Jess)
    • March Outreach: Spring Hatchlings (5 sessions)
    • It was a soggy day. I love all my 3s and 4s but I am glad this is the end of my outreach season. I'm tired.
  • Thursday
    • Books 'n' Babies (Pattie)
    • Messy Art Club: Painting Eggs
    • Dismal rainy day. I have to admit I didn't feel like doing a program at all today! I just wanted to finish the 101 things I had to do before going on vacation. It was pretty slow since it was pouring wet snow, but about 40 people showed up. I finally left around 6:30.
  • Friday
    • Library Closed, vacation begins!
Projects in Progress or Completed
  • Weeding and collection development
    • I had hoped to finish this week b/c I want to start summer planning when I get back but it didn't happen. I made it through the 639s.
  • Lots of last-minute stuff before I go on vacation.
What the kids are reading: A Selection
  • Isle of the Lost, sequel (not out yet)
  • Fantasy League - missing
  • great unexpected by creech
  • very hungry caterpillar movie
  • adorable toddler requesting "ama ama" (llama llama)
  • i spy books
  • books with chinese characters - had to put on hold
  • many spring break reading recommendations
  • very tricky graphic novel question
  • voracious reader has finished Michael Vey and Percy Jackson. Blackwell Pages, McNabb's Traitor, Osborne's Hitler's Secret. Wasn't interested in Magnus Chase, didn't have the first volume of Alex Rider or available.

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