Monday, April 25, 2016

Nonfiction Monday: My first guide to paper airplanes by Chris Harbo and Early Physics Fun: Paper Airplanes by Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

I had reservations about some of Jump's new imprint, Pogo, but they sent me a second round of books and I have quite different feelings about these! As soon as I saw this title and flipped through it, I knew it was exactly what I have been looking for - and the perfect companion to my new easy guide to paper airplanes!

Early Physics Fun uses simple language and bold photographs to explain the basic principles of aerodynamics and physics to young readers. Once you've learned about thrust, drag, lift and gravity and how it affects paper airplanes, you can apply these ideas to your design as you experiment with paper airplanes.

A glossary and index is included.

Of course, if you're going to thoroughly test your new knowledge of physics and aerodynamics, you need a good starting point for paper airplanes and there's nothing better than Chris Harbo's detailed instructions. He has a number of books for a wide range of abilities, but this is a very beginning title, perfect for kids who are just learning to make paper airplanes, or for those who want to concentrate more on the science and less on the design. The book explains basic folding symbols and materials, then has instructions for nine airplanes. Each plane takes up on spread, so the instructions are kept to a minimum, but are still clear and simple. There are also flying tips for launching the different planes.

Verdict: These books are the perfect pairing for a science program or lesson - kids will be able to easily absorb the clear explanations in Early Physics Fun: Paper Airplanes and then apply them in the hands-on projects in My First Guide to Paper Airplanes. This is a winning combination and one no library should be without!

Early Physics Fun: Paper Airplanes
ISBN: 9781620313176; Published 2016 by Pogo/Jump; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

My first guide to paper airplanes by Chris Harbo
ISBN: 9781491420478; Published 2015 by Capstone; Purchased for the library

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