Saturday, April 2, 2016

This week I'm not at the library!

To my surprise, my indoor
morning glories bloomed!
Vacation Tally
We were closed on Friday and I took the whole week off for Spring Break. Naturally, I had a lengthy to-do list. To be entirely honest, there was much more sleeping in, reading of trashy romances, listening to audiobooks, watching cartoons, and other unrecorded amusements than work. I was tired.
I still have one more day left before I return to work - I intend to eat Chinese food and discuss collection development and finish the stack of reviews for No Flying No Tights that are sitting on my desk - I have 5 in progress to be turned in before nightfall!

  • Breakfast and collection development with Sara the Librarian! Then we visited the library to make die-cuts and finish some stuff from Thursday night...
  • I went to the grocery store. Hey, it counts.
  • More breakfast and collection development with Sara the Librarian! Then we went to Home Depot and bought pots. We lead exciting lives. That evening I went to the library to do some paperwork and hang out with the knitting ladies (even though I was technically quilting).
  • Went to Ikea with Sara the Librarian and a friend from work. Living the high life here. It snowed ferociously, with high winds, then melted, then snowed, then the sun shone, you get the idea...
  • 15 total reviews for Jean Little Library written and stored for future scheduling. I now have 4 beginning chapter, 2 middle grade, 6 nonfiction, 5 picture book, 5 board book, and 1 easy reader review stored.
  • 54 short reactions posted on Flying Off My Bookshelf
  • 11 movies watched/skimmed and reviewed on It's Animation, not Cartoons (spoiler - I didn't care for the Peanuts movie)
  • Edits, publisher contacts, and other fun paperwork that has been backing up was taken care of.
Cleaning, Cooking, and Gardening
  • On a sudden whim I cleaned my bedroom window. First time for everything, right? It's a complicated process b/c of the sliding double windows and badly worn woodwork around the edges. So naturally I had to clean out the bedroom garden and vacuum and wash sheets and then move paperbacks and movies (partly so they're all mixed now...)
  • Clearing out the garden.
  • Made new garden plans to take into account requests for parsley, tomatoes, and the new pots I got.
Other Projects

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