Saturday, May 14, 2016

This week at the library; or, I do ALL THE THINGS

What's going on in my head and at the library
  • Monday
    • The pollen counts are ridiculous. My sinussesss. I brought lemon cake for my aides' birthdays and we had a staff meeting. I unpacked supplies and tried to plan Saturday's program and the rest of the week's craziness.
  • Tuesday
    • Science Alliance: Zap! (5th grade field trip)
    • Roll into Summer (Pattie)
    • Rock 'n' Read
    • This was kind of a long day. Of course it rained, but the fifth graders made it over anyways, there were lots of people and six giant trucks at the Roll into Summer party, then our local charter school classes, then our last book club. Oh, and the chicks hatched.
  • Wednesday
    • No programs! I made pilgrimage to Walmart for summer supplies and covered the desk in the evening.
  • Thursday
    • BEA! BEA!
    • It was fun and amazing - I think I still like ALA best, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to go. My feet hurt.
  • Friday
    • Puppet Story Theater (kindergarten)
    • Lovely day, kindergarteners had a blast, thankfully remembered NOT to set the room up for tomorrow because there's a movie tonight! I have done that more than once...finished some more things for the party and covered the desk and then went and bought plants for my garden, which hopefully won't die in the cold snap tomorrow night...
  • Saturday
    • It's a Pig Party! Celebrating Mo Willems
    • I'd forgotten how much work it was to run these events on my own! Thankfully our circulation supervisor helped me set up tables, one of my moms helped clean up, and the associate on reference came over and took down a lot of tables. From set up to clean up, 8:45 to past 1pm.
Projects in progress or completed
  • Everything in progress, nothing completed
What the kids are reading: A Selection
  • School bus books
  • Manipulatives and books for babies
Some pictures from BEA - I use my camera to remember books I want to look at later.

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