Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1 Big Salad: A delicious counting book by Juana Medina

This was so adorable! And I don't even eat salad! (seriously. broccoli is my vegetable of choice)

Foods with personality aren't a particularly new idea - Freymann and Elffers have turned out quite a few vegetable personalities - but Medina brings a charm of her own to this counting book.

Each spread features both the cardinal and nominal numbers in bold type and cheery colors, as well as a label for the creatures who dance across the pages. And what creatures! Pen and ink drawings turn radicchio into lions, carrots into horses, walnuts into birds, and finally an entire bowl of delicious salad. All it needs is a little dressing from some lemon pigs and a penguin salt shaker...

Verdict: While younger children may not recognize all the vegetables and creatures, they will enjoy counting and learning the different words. Older kids may be inspired to create their own vegetable creatures - you may have trouble convincing them to eat them though! I look forward to adding this to our collection of titles used in healthy eating programs.

ISBN: 9781101999745; Published 2016 by Viking/Penguin; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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