Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Do-Gooders by J. Torres, Justin Magner, and Warren Mucinich

I don't know how I missed that this was a board book - I thought it was a comic book. Well, it sort of is, but in board book form.

Each tall page features a scenario with the kids from the cover - fighting over superhero capes, teasing each other, etc. and then learning to be "good" and play together. They learn to share cookies, solve a fight with a hug and other simple social behaviors. The book ends with a spread showing lots of different do-gooders, all with home-made costumes, painting houses, recycling, helping a cat down from a tree, raking leaves, etc.

The book is a tall rectangle, 10x6 inches, with 10 stiff board pages. It's mildly amusing, but not an ideal board book - the arguments and plot are a little too convoluted for a small child to follow and the pages are busy. From an adult perspective, I wouldn't want to encourage kids to feed a dog chocolate chip cookies!! or give them ideas of naughty things to do, which pretty much any kid will take away from this book. It's also a tad too stereotyped for my taste.

The art is colorful and busy, with a collection of pudgy and enthusiastic children. Only the last spread shows any diversity.

Verdict: If you have a lot of very young superhero fans that are willing to consider non-canon superheroes and parents desperate for role models, this is a perfectly fine addition. If you're looking for beginning comics for your littlest listeners, stick with Jennifer Holm's I'm Sunny and I'm Grumpy.

ISBN: 9781620102503; Published 2015 by Oni Press; Borrowed via inter-library loan

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