Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Pirates don't take baths by John Segal

Segal is the author of the popular Carrot Soup and this is a board book edition of a title that came out in 2011 and is now out of print.

A plump, pink pig is determined not to take a bath. After all, pirates never take baths and she is a pirate! But, her mother reminds her, pirates don't get seasick and she does! So, she decides to be a cowboy, a knight, an astronaut....and one by one, her mother finds a less-than-positive aspect of her choice. "It's hard to poop and pee in zero gravity" and while it's true there's no water in the desert for bathing, there's none for drinking either! Finally, she decides to be a treasure hunter and her mother knows just where she can find treasure; in the bathtub!

Segal's soft and silly watercolors illustrate this quirky story and the small pig's determination to avoid a bath at all costs and her mother's equally determined stance to talk her into it. It's sweet, funny, and very relatable for kids (and parents) who dread bath time.

Verdict: Although I like this story, I don't think it makes a really good board book. Each page has multiple small illustrations and sections of text and the soft watercolors could be difficult for very young children to decipher. I hope the publishers will bring this back as a picture book, because it's a delightful book, but it makes a much better picture book than board book.

ISBN: 9780399175589; Board book edition published 2016 by Philomel/Penguin; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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