Saturday, July 9, 2016

This Week at the Library; or, Week 4

I really like this clay turtle. Some definite talent!
What's happening in my head and at the library
  • Monday - Closed
  • Tuesday
    • Great Cardboard Drive-In
    • Scramble to get everything done before I'm gone for a couple days! I fled, leaving chaos in my wake. Ok, well not really, but I'm sure it felt a bit like that to the remaining staff...
  • Wednesday
    • I took a day off, because my mom was visiting.
  • Thursday
    • Lego Club (Jess and Makenna)
    • I took another day off! My staff did Lego Club. I did not enquire too closely into what else happened.
  • Friday
    • Maker Workshop: Sculpting
    • Stuffed Animal Sleepover
    • I came in the afternoon to run the maker workshop, see what chaos had eventuated in the past two days, and do the sleepover, with help from my staff. There were 20 people at the sculpting workshop (which I have not written up yet - basically we did Sculpey). We did a mystery for the stuffed animal sleepover - Kevin the Minion was kidnapped by a Laura doll and she tried to ransom him for library cards. All ended well and I got home by 9!
  • Saturday
    • Well, it was a short but busy day. The entire computer network crashed, so it was a good thing I came in very early to get ready for the day. It came up again after a very long hour and a half and then we had a typical busy Saturday, which was also the turnover date for summer reading (kids turn in their calendars for passes and get the next calendar)
What the kids are reading; A selection
  • Do hard things - there's a new edition from Multnomah. Added to order cart
  • School house rock
  • BFG (need more copies?)
  • Magic animal friends - where is Lucy Longwhiskers? Who names these things?
  • More recommendations for Riordan fan - devoured Island of Thieves and wants more. Gave them Sarwat Chadda, more, Young's STORM, and Pendragon
  • Frog and Toad
  • Jo Schmo
  • Who Was...
  • Rush Revere audiobooks
  • 2 requests for audiobooks for kids and teens
  • lexiles. who needs lexiles in the summer??

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