Saturday, August 6, 2016

This week at the library; or, August begins

Craft-o-rama. I took this picture near
the end, and b/c faces don't show in it
What's going on, in my head and at the library
  • Monday
    • Autism Support Group
    • Youth Services Staff Meeting. Many phone calls. Much scheduling.
  • Tuesday
    • Craft-O-Rama
    • I opened the Storyroom from 10-5 for the Craft-o-rama. I had an easel reminding people to sign in, be careful with scissors, and tidy up. I love our patrons. They were very tidy - including toddlers, roving bands of unattended kids, and a school. I had paint, paper, scissors, popsicle sticks, yarn, die cuts, boxes of craft supplies that were donated that I hadn't sorted through, and more. Kids were very creative and it made me happy! About 60 people came through.
    • I also worked on sorting through and moving the nonfiction dvds. We made space to bring them back by the fiction dvds.
  • Wednesday
    • I don't remember.
  • Thursday
    • Free Lego Build
    • Not as many people came to the all day open Lego build, but that was because it was more of a flow between the Storyroom and the play area. About 40 people signed in. I was so tired and hot. But we managed to get quite a lot of work done - program meetings, scheduling, finished the nonfiction dvds, and more.
  • Friday
    • I came in late because I supervise the twice-yearly knit-in (those ladies are wild!) and because I needed to bake for the book 'n' bake sale! Summer reading has really died off this last week - I think the craft-o-rama and free lego build are great ideas to bring back next summer, but I'm looking forward to implementing our new plan, starting summer reading on the first weekend in June, regardless of the school calendar, and ending in July. I am so tired.
These are some of the books kids wrote on their logs as favorites.
Summer Reading Favorites - Chapter Books
  • Cupcake Diaries
  • So B it
  • Hypnotists (Gordon Korman)
  • Alex Morgan books
  • Eve of the Emperor Penguin (Magic Tree House)
Summer Reading Favorites - Picture books
  • king of the zoo - Perl
  • Take me to the zoo
  • Zoo babies
  • Tickle time (2)
  • Itsy Bitsy spider
  • Fuzzy ducks
  • 10 little ladybugs
  • Rapunzel

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