Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cybils! Elementary and Juvenile Nonfiction Panelists and Judges

In case you missed it, the announcement of the few, the brave, the determined has been made and the panelists and judges for Cybils are official! In a few days you'll see the category descriptions - there are exciting changes in several categories, including my own beloved nonfiction, so stay tuned!

Elementary and Juvenile Nonfiction Round 1 Panelists
These people have bravely volunteered to wade through 100+ books, haunting their local libraries and bookstores for copies, discussing the anatomical details of head lice at the dinner table, and plunging into discussions to choose the mighty shortlists come December.

Elementary and Juvenile Nonfiction Round 2 Judges
To this group falls the task of choosing the one book that rules them all, the best of the best, the chosen one from the shortlists. They have only a few short weeks to read deeply, discuss thoroughly, and wade through the volume of emails their category organizer produces (me).


Ami said...

"discussing the anatomical details of head lice at the dinner table" - you almost make me wish I had put in for nonfiction...almost!

Jennifer said...

oh please, like that's not your normal dinner conversation anyways q-:

you can always do what i do - i always read as many of the nonfiction titles as possible, b/c i'm category chair, and then whatever other category i'm judging in...