Saturday, September 24, 2016

This week at the library; or, The summer refuses to end

What's happening in my head and at the library
  • Monday
    • Read with Pearl
    • Autism Support Group cancelled
    • Promised storm did not appear, probably because I went around checking that all the kids had rides home. Self-regulation was the word I was trying to think of when explaining why I use the ABC Stop song on my first school visits! We finally fixed the hole in the hamster's tube - my aide went next-door and got some new tubes. I like small town life.
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • We realized we were disorganized and stressed.
  • Thursday
    • Books 'n' Babies (Pattie)
    • Mad Scientists Club: Bubble Science
    • We attempted to assuage our disorganization. A fair number of people came to bubble science. Even more biting gnats came. We sacrificed an aide to the gnat cloud. She earned peanut butter M&Ms.
  • Friday
    • Outreach Storytimes (2 sessions)
    • It was supposed to be a half-day but I messed up the schedule and ended up with two outreach visits in the morning and then working the information desk until 2. My own fault. Fortunately, the kindergarteners were very cute and they all hugged me. I swear I have a sinus infection, not a cold. I went home to take lots of suphedrine and commence my vacation.
Projects in Progress and Completed
  • The YA weeding is done but the section still needs cleaning - old paid-discards that remained in the system, long-overdue titles to be replaced, duplicates, etc.
  • I cleaned off my desk
What the kids are reading, a selection (i.e. what I can remember afterwards)
  • Perfectly Poppy - don't have any
  • easy readers
  • storytime kids in love with Chalk - gave them Typewriter
  • read-alouds for younger kids - down girl and sit, digby o'day, my father's dragon
  • books with science - i have a list!
  • lego books
  • easy readers about bugs
  • hardy boys easy chapters
  • old macdonald had a truck - should get another copy of this!
  • Echo - checked out put on hold
  • space books for a four year old

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