Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cybils Elementary and Juvenile Nonfiction Nominations Round-Up

As organizer of the Elementary/Juvenile Nonfiction Cybils category, I moderate but do not directly participate in discussions and judging. However, in order to make sure titles are placed appropriately and to moderate discussions, I have to know what we're talking about! If you ever wondered what goes into being an organizer - I've shared one of my spreadsheets below. This helps me keep track of nominations, put them in the appropriate category, and the linked reviews let me go back and see what panelists are discussing. Yes, I have other spreadsheets. Yes, I may have a little problem. Ok, maybe a big problem. Whatever.

You can access the spreadsheet here. Note that there are two pages - one for elementary and one for juvenile.


Traci Sorell said...

What does "negative" refer to in the Diversity column on the Elementary Nonfiction tab? I see that listed next to the My First Book of Baseball and My First Book of Hockey.

Jennifer said...

Books that I felt ignored or did not include elements of diversity that should have been included, if that makes sense. Neither of those titles even mention female players and women do play both baseball and hockey (I checked (-:). It's very subjective - I happen to be completely ignorant and indifferent to sports myself but have a large population of girls who are very into sports so it's something I look for and "mark down" books that don't include it. Even though I do recommend the books - they're great intros to sports and kids love them - they still should have included women imo.