Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How this book was made by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Adam Rex

Barnett and Rex, masters of the meta, return to another book within a book in this latest title.

The book starts with an idea. The idea becomes a first draft. The first draft becomes many, many, many drafts (if you burn them, it will scare away the tiger). Then the book goes to an editor. Then back. Then back again. Finally, the words were good. Even the tiger agrees. Now it's time for the pictures. Finally, the book is done. But now it has to be printed! Then the copies of the books have to be sent back to the United States. Oops, pirates! Fortunately, pirates don't read. Finally, after many adventures the book has a reader - you. And now it is finally a book.

Adam Rex's quirky illustrations blend with the silly tone of the book; while the text talks about the process of making a book, the illustrations show giant machines, annoyed tigers, lines crossing the map, and, of course, pirates.

I think this would be most likely to appeal to an older audience, especially if used in a classroom that is studying authors or working on creating their own books. Unlike their previous meta-book, Chloe and the Lion, there isn't as much side plot in this and it's just not....as interesting. I have a hard time seeing it working as a group read-aloud or holding kids' attention.

Verdict: Fans of Barnett and Rex will definitely be interested in this, otherwise it has most use in a classroom. It wasn't as funny as I'd expected and didn't have the readability of some of their other titles.

ISBN: 9781423152200; Published 2016 by Disney/Hyperion; Review copy provided by publisher

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