Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ninja Bunny: Sister Vs. Brother by Jennifer Gray Olson

The ninja bunnies return!

Ninja bunny is leading his band on a mission to find the Golden Carrot of Awesomeness. Unfortunately, there's a problem - his little sister. She's determined to follow along and participate, since she's a ninja too. Ninja Bunny is sure she's too small and he and his friends hurry on their way. But it turns out that "little bunnies can be awesome ninjas!" and little sisters are pretty cool too.

The ink and watercolor illustrations are sweetly humorous, especially the bunnies doing their ninja moves. The mixture of comic panels and full page illustrations capture the movement of the plot as well as the bunnies to perfection. As a librarian, I appreciate the readable font, which makes this a nice storytime choice.

Verdict: Whether or not you purchased the first book in this series, Ninja Bunny, you'll definitely want this one. You can never have too many books about being small and playing together, especially if, like me, you work in a community where most kids have siblings! No guarantee that readers won't try out a few of their own ninja moves though.

ISBN: 9780399550744; Published September 2016 by Random House; F&G provided by publisher

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