Friday, November 11, 2016

Princess Posey and the first grade parade by Stephanie Greene, illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson

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Posey is worried about first grade. She's going to have to walk in and down the hall all by herself! Worst of all, she can't wear her pink tutu, her most comfortable and special thing to wear, the thing that makes her Princess Posey, who can do anything. Then, to make things worse, the big boys next door tell her a scary story - is there really a monster in the hall? It takes an understanding grandparent and a special teacher to make the first day of first grade special - not just for Posey but for everyone!

This beginning chapter book is perfect. I'm a bit tired of the quirky and in-your-face beginning chapter book girls - it's nice to a see a, well, not really shy, but just ordinary one. Posey is talkative enough at home, she whines and fusses, she has things she likes and things she doesn't. But it's pretty obvious she's not the class clown or the girl the teacher is constantly shushing. A sweet beginning chapter book for any nervous first or second grader. Kids can sympathize with Posey's worries, her feeling that her baby brother gets more attention than she does, and her shocked surprise at meeting her teacher in the grocery store. The story even includes some fun questions at the back - and teachers may want to try out a first grade parade for themselves!

Sisson's art perfectly matches the story, showing Posey and her family and their daily lives in simple, pleasing outlines. Maybe charcoal pencils? There's a nice touch of glitter on the cover and the first grade parade, although small for a normal first grade class in a public school, has a nice mix of characters.

Verdict: A fun and sweet series about an ordinary little girl. I'm looking forward to this one and the sequel coming out in paperback this spring so I can add them to my series collection.

[Revisited: This series is still in print and continues to add new titles. It's very popular at my library and I find it especially helpful as an alternate choice for Junie B. Jones as Posey is funny and has interesting stories but doesn't have the bad grammar and rudeness of Junie B. I think this series has many years left in it.]

ISBN: 978-0399251672; Published May 2010 by Putnam; Borrowed from the library.


Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

We're picking this one up at the library today for my own first grader! She just finished Daisy Dawson, which is also a very nice chapter book series for first and second grade girls. Thanks for the recommendation!

Jennifer said...

Ooh yes, I love Daisy Dawson too - just got some new titles in that series in today! There's a new Princess Posey that just came out - Princess Posey and the Perfect Present - and another one coming in September

CMSavage6 said...

I love this series. And my 4 year old likes for me to read them to her. They are just "grown-up" enough.