Saturday, December 31, 2016

Highlights from a year of reader's advisory

Just you and me Danny, facing the book-hungry
hordes together. Some back-up would be
appreciated, Christina!
Every week I include reader's advisory, requests, and other collection notes in my "What's happening at the library" feature. I use these records for updating collection development, keeping an eye on what kids are reading, and knowing where to push the collection. I've collected here the highlights that I plan to work on next year.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • this is a specific young patron who always requests the same thing, usually books based on video games. I have tried to purchase some Sonic comics in prebound collections, but they never show up. I have a few floppy comics and I'm skeptical of widespread interest in Mario books.
  • Gingerbread man books
    • School request. Some of mine have fallen apart and need to be replaced.
  • Pokemon
    • I would really like easy readers and early chapter books. I will definitely get more copies of the Visual companion.
  • Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon
    • I recommend these so often, I am working on replacing missing/damaged volumes and getting a few extra copies of the beginning books in the series.
  • Easy readers
    • Paradoxically, I am getting requests both for the very beginning, emergent readers (I am buying Holiday House's I Like to Read series and boxed sets of paperbacks) and classics like Frog and Toad and Mouse Soup.
  • Weather
    • This is on the new school curriculum. I have very few weather books for upper grade elementary students.
  • My Weird School
    • Weird resurgence of interest in these. Moved to the juvenile series paperbacks and plan to add more titles.
  • Tractor books
    • These are always big in the fall when kids see tractors in the fields. Can always use more!
  • Seasons, especially fall (apples, pumpkins, leaves)
    • There are never enough. Why can't we read books about hibernating snakes?
  • Old Macdonald had a truck
    • This was a HUGE hit - I plan to buy additional copies.
  • Mr. Ball
    • The Jump-Into-Chapters books have proved popular.
  • Chronicles of Narnia
    • Total lack of interest for years and suddenly everybody wants them. I will look into getting additional copies.
  • Gymnastics
    • I updated sports books this year and most of my requests have been for gymnastics, cheerleading, swimming, volleyball, etc. In other words, the subjects there isn't much on! I am working on getting more sports books featuring girls.
  • Max Crumbly
    • I only purchased 1 copy of this and although it has been consistently checked out there is not the interest there is in Dork Diaries or Wimpy Kid.
  • History
    • I am updating the 900s this coming year. I have almost nothing on the Vietnam War and need newer titles on just about everything.
  • Magic Animal Friends
    • They were huge last summer. I am getting Fairy Animals of Misty Wood for fans. *gag*
  • I Survived
    • Perennially popular. I am going to try to add more hardcover/library bound to my collection of tattered paperbacks.
  • FukuFuku Kitten
    • Fans of this and Chi's Sweet Home make me think about a small, separate section for juvenile manga. I have no idea how this would work though, unless I put it in the favorites....
  • Disgusting Creatures by Elisa Gravel
    • Very popular series, probably due to my continued booktalking
  • Branches
    • This imprint from Scholastic continues to be very popular. I have collected nearly all the titles (excepting Notebook of Doom and Dragon Masters) into one section.
  • Spirit Animals
    • I shifted and made a bigger section for these and bought some on audio
  • Captain Underpants
    • I realized that not only did I not have enough copies, I am missing some titles. I have no idea how that happened....I will rectify it next year.
  • Mo Willems
    • I replaced all the Elephant and Piggie books and bought extra titles. Now I need to tackle the picture books, especially Pigeon.
  • Post Office
    • I bought a ton of community helpers books this year both to meet demand and in preparation for our big party in April, as the theme will!
  • Courageous Princess by Espinosa
    • A fan introduced others and it flew off the shelves. I might get second copies for this summer...
  • Magic Tricks
    • You can never have enough, especially in the summer and after magicians perform.
  • Muddy Max by Elizabeth Rusch
    • I really loved this one and so did the kids, but sadly there was no follow-up although it looked like it should have been a series.

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