Friday, December 23, 2016

Small Readers: Animals in Winter by Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

Bullfrog has a new weather series, "What happens in winter?" which I absolutely must have for the library. The set includes Animals, Birds, Plants, and Weather in winter. I was given Animals in Winter for review.

In simple, brief text the book walks the reader through animal behavior in winter, as the animals grow sleepy, hibernate, change their fur to camouflage themselves, and store food. Animals mentioned include deer, foxes, hares, a bear, and a frog. The book is illustrated with bright, clear photographs and attractive, simple shapes of color to outline the words and photographs.

Bullfrog books have been very popular with my beginning readers, even though I shelve them in the picture books. They're great introductions to popular topics for teachers to read aloud in class or for kids to pore over as well.

The scope of the book doesn't allow for a complete coverage of the topic; migration isn't mentioned aside from the opening sentence noting the geese flying south. Although it's not stated, it's clear this is a midwestern/northern winter with snow, cold temperatures, and familiar "winter" animals like bears and elk.

Verdict: This isn't complete coverage of the topic, but the easy text, attractive pictures, and compact size of the book make it an excellent addition to your winter offerings if you're located in the Midwest. Personally, I can never have enough seasonal titles and I'm eager to add this set to my collection.

ISBN: 9781620313930; Published 2016 by Jump!/Bullfrog Books; Review copy provided by the publisher; Donated to the library

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