Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Budget Numbers, Circulation Numbers, Programming Numbers, I Haz Them ALL (part 1 the programs)

The Statistics Octopus
This year I offered fewer programs for fewer children. But I am ok with this. Really. Ok, mostly. Sometimes I get caught up in numbers. However, over the past few years I've realized that we need to scale back, not just because of staff burnout and what we can reasonably offer, but so that we have adequate time to spend on promoting the collection, outreach, and other duties. Also, as I work to reach different demographics I've found that some groups work better on a smaller scale. Our large, chaotic storytimes are fun, but it's good to have options for families that need something a little more organized and quiet. Smaller groups at book clubs and maker workshops lets me devote more individual time to the working with the kids on developing their skills and interests.

I'm not including teen programs here - we only offer a couple teen-specific programs each year, not counting outreach, and that's something we're slowly working on but I don't feel that the numbers are useful at this time.

My school colleague offers the bulk of our in-house storytimes, my associate handles most of our teen programming, stealth programming, and assists with outreach (specifically field trips) and I deal primarily with elementary school age programs and preschool outreach.

Total Programs: 356 (33 fewer than 2015)
Total Attendance: 11,607 (798 fewer than 2015)

Storytimes: 159, average attendance 26
  • The highest attendance is at our 10am toddler storytime, followed by our baby storytime. 
  • The lowest attendance is my We Explore Favorite Artists series, our Mother Goose on the Loose series, and Winter Wigglers series. These also have the fewest actual programs as well.
School age programs: 60, average attendance 27
  • The highest attendance is at our Messy Art Club after school program.
  • The lowest attendance is my two book clubs, Bookaneers and Rock 'n' Read.
Special programs and performers
  • 15 special events for families; 1,233 total 
  • 12 paid performers for school and family events; 1,206 attendees
Outreach Storytimes and Early Literacy Programs for ages 0-5
  • 68 programs; 1327 total participants 
Outreach Storytimes and Field Trips for School-Age Kids
  • 34 programs; 1694 total participants

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