Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Budget Numbers, Circulation Numbers, Programming Numbers, I Haz Them ALL (part 3 collection and circulation)

The Statistic Octopus
Picture me lovingly unfurling my fronds around my beloved circulation numbers.... ok, that went weird fast. I do like numbers and octopuses though.

So, our total children's and young adult circulation for 2016 was 131,770. Those of you doing the math will realize this does not match the collection numbers below exactly - this is because it includes all the holds from other libraries that come in to us. This increased through teacher requests and remote collections this year. This was a total increase of 7,268 from 2015.

Circulation and collection size
  • Board books circulated a total of 3,964.
    • This increased in the fall but was still 251 less than 2015 overall. I hope to continue getting the board books back up to a strong circulation level.
    • The collection increased overall by 112 titles.
  • Children's dvds (which includes blu-ray) circulated a total of 26,807. 
    • This was an increase of 130 from 2015. I don't really care, other than feeling that we have too many dvds and it's time to weed.
    • The collection increased by 459 - it's time to weed.
  • Easy Readers (including easy reader tub books) circulated a total of 12,333.
    •  This was an increase of 3,143 from 2015. This was our big success and we are THRILLED!
    • Collection increased by 304. I could definitely add more here.
  • Juvenile fiction (including new juvenile fiction and storage) circulated a total of 19,913. 
    • This was an increase of 1,641 from 2015.
    • It's hard to measure because this includes several areas, but the collection increased by about 600 I think. With the materials moved into storage, this is manageable.
  • Juvenile nonfiction circulated a total of 7,914.
    • This was an increase of 356 from 2015. Slowly but surely we are working on the promotion of this collection. Some of the materials will never reach the rapid circulation of other areas, but that doesn't mean we can't try!
    • The collection decreased by 471. I haven't replaced as much as I weeded, but clearly that hasn't harmed the circulation. Although we could do better! I need a lot more books here.
  • Picture books (including tub books) circulated a total of 30,164.
    • This was a decrease of 838 from 2015. I'm mainly pleased that the picture book circulation seems to have permanently eclipsed the movies and did not realistically expect the massive numbers of previous years to continue. I do plan to overhaul and update the neighborhoods in 2018 and do a little weeding of some of the more crowded areas, which I think will pull circulation up again. Meanwhile I am focusing on popular titles and subjects needed by teachers this year.
    • Well, that explains why we can't fit anything on the shelves....the collection size increased by 901. I didn't plan to weed next year, but it looks like I will need to do so.
  • Toys (including maker kits and, at the end of the year, audiobook kits) circulated a total of 572. 
    • Due to some changes and updates this number isn't wholly accurate, but it's a pretty decent number.
    • The collection decreased by 3 - I deleted a bunch of really ancient toys, removed some from circulation which need repairs/replacements, and had an unfortunately large number stolen. This is not usual! I also added several new things which is why the number stayed fairly steady.
  • Video games circulated a total of 3,255. 
    • This was an increase of 138 from 2015. I'm currently facing the slow demise of my wii games and trying to decide how to deal with this.
    • Collection increased by 42. I bought more than that, but with the wii games all dying...
  • My new collection, anime, circulated a total of 924.
  • My new collection of young adult nonfiction circulated a total of 441.
  • Young adult graphic novels and manga circulated a total of 2,469.
    •  This was a decrease of 128 from 2015.
    • I had an increase of only 45. I need to update this collection.
  • Young adult fiction circulated a total of 5,848. This was an increase of 454.
    • Thanks to our last-minute weed, the collection size decreased by 219 but we still had great circulation!

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Annette said...

It's fascinating to see these numbers. Hooray for the increase in juvenile nonfiction!