Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cybils Awards; or, Putting my money where my mouth is

Ah, let the award posts begin! The official Cybils finalists have been announced! This year I'm concentrating on updating our 900s and filling in missing juvenile fiction series, but I've left some space for award books - especially Cybils! I made detailed spreadsheets of the categories I'm involved in and noted which titles I was purchasing, which I reviewed, etc. as well as diversity and subject-matter. They are a thing of beauty, I assure you.
I've also gone through the rest of the finalists and updated my order lists. I don't purchase young adult fiction - I oversee it - so those are mostly recommendations to the selector. 

Audiobook Finalists
  • This was a new category. I am ambivalent about audiobooks. They tend to sit crammed and messy on the shelf and then suddenly circulate briefly and explosively. I haven't decided what I'm getting next year (if any) but I'll probably go off of this list.
    • Raymie Nightingale
      • Purchased both book and audiobook. Hasn't circ'd much though.
    • Inquisitor's Tale
    • Out of Abaton: The Wooden Prince
    • When the sea turned to silver
      • Depends if the teacher whose class was into Lin requests her again this year
    • Best man by Richard Peck
Early Chapter Book Finalists
Easy Reader Finalists
Elementary/Middle Grade Graphic Novel
  • Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks
    • Purchased for the library. Has not been as popular as I hoped.
  • Lowriders to the Center of the earth
    • I enjoyed the first one personally but didn't think it would circulate.
  • Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke
    • On order list
  • Bera the one-headed troll by Eric Orchard
    • Currently reading
  • Compass South by Hope Larson
  • Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O'Neill
    • Placed on hold to read
  • Wolves of Currumpaw
    • Not owned by my consortium. Probably will not purchase.
Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction
  • When the sea turned to silver by Grace Lin
    • Maybe. Waiting to see if there's interest.
  • Memory Thief by Bryce Moore
    • Considering. For some reason my vendor says it's not available until next March.
  • Firefly code by Megan Blakemore
    • I want to see how her previous books circ'd.
  • Goblin's Puzzle by Andrew Chilton
    • Considering.
  • Evil Wizard Smallbone by Delia Sherman
    • Placed on hold to read
  • Shadow magic by Joshua Khan
    • Considering
  • Voyage to the magical north by Claire Fayers
    • On order list
Middle Grade Fiction
  • Full of beans by Jennifer Holm
    • There isn't much interest in Holm's non-graphic works at my library
  • Ghost by Jason Reynolds
    • On order list
  • Save me a seat by Sarah Weeks
    • Purchased. Very popular this past summer.
  • Ms. Bixby's Last Day by John Anderson
    • Will probably not purchase.
  • Slacker by Gordon Korman
    • Purchased. Hilarious. Popular.
  • Some kind of happiness by Claire Legrand
    • Will probably not purchase.
  • In the footsteps of Crazy Horse by Joseph Marshall
    • Considering
Middle Grade Nonfiction
  • Bubonic Panic by Gail Jarrow
    • Purchased. Booktalked. Felt the awesome.
  • We will not be silent by Russell Freedman
    • Purchased. Haven't booktalked yet.
  • Fashion rebels by Carlyn Beccia
  • This land is our land by Linda Osborne
    • Considering
  • Ten days a madwoman by Deborah Noyes
    • Considering
  • Sachiko by Caren Stelson
    • Considering
  • Storm too soon by Michael Tougias
    • Considering
  • When green becomes tomatoes by Julie Fogliano
    • Purchased. Decent circulation.
  • Last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary by Laura Shovan
    • Will probably not purchase
  • Fresh delicious by Irene Latham
    • Considering
  • Booked by Kwame Alexander
    • Purchased. Good circ, especially for a novel in verse
  • Garvey's choice by Nikki Grimes
    • Will probably not purchase
  • To stay alive by Skila Brown
    • Will probably not purchase
  • Guess who haiku by Deanna Caswell
    • Considering
Young Adult Fiction
  • Salt to the sea by Ruta Septys
    • Purchased
  • Serpent king by Jeff Zentner
    • Purchased (has not circ'd much)
  • Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro
    • Purchased, neighboring libraries did an author visit and this has circulated well
  • Run by Kody Keplinger
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
  • Beast by Brie Spangler
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
  • This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp
    • Purchased
  • The weight of zero by Karen Fortunati
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
Young Adult Graphic Novels
  • Dare to disappoint: Growing up in Turkey by Ozge Samanci
    • Will probably not purchase
  • March Book Three by John Lewis
    • First volume in adult graphic novels.
  • Monstress by Marjorie Liu
    • Will probably not purchase
  • Ms. Marvel vol. 5 Super Famous
    • Purchased. Circ is decent.
  • Faith vol. 1: Hollywood and Vine by Jody Hauser
    • Will probably not purchase
  • Trashed by Derf Backderf
    • Will probably not purchase
  • Lucky penny by Ananth Hirsh
    • Will probably not purchase
Young Adult Nonfiction
  • Borden Murders by Sarah Miller
    • Purchased. Decent circ.
  • Radioactive by Winifred Conkling
    • On order list (I've been waiting for the paperback)
  • Every falling star by Sungju Lee
    • On order list
  • Plot to kill Hitler by Patricia McCormick
    • On order list
  • Blood Bullets and Bones by Bridget Heos
    • On order list
  • In the shadow of liberty by Kenneth Davis
    • On order list
  • Blood brother by Rich Wallace
    • On order list
Young Adult Speculative Fiction
  • Keeper of the mist by Rachel Neumeier
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
  • This savage song by Victoria Schwab
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
  • When the moon was ours by Anna-Marie McLemore
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
  • Labyrinth lost by Zoraida Cordova
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
  • Illuminae by Amie Kaufman
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser
  • Door at the crossroads by Zetta Elliott
    • Will probably not purchase (not available through our vendor)
  • Still life with tornado by A. S. King
    • Not owned - might suggest this to YA purchaser


Charlotte said...

The Memory Thief is a bit unusual publication-wise--it was a Barnes and Noble exclusive this fall. We figured that being able to get it from B. and N. counted as much as "readily available" as being able to get it only from another big online book dealer, so we counted it as eligible for 2016....

Jennifer said...

ohhhh, I remember you saying that! I will probably preorder it, which I often do anyways.