Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

I have never actually read Captain Underpants. So, now you know. I have no real feelings re. potty humor, but the art style isn't really to my taste. I'm not sure what inspired me to read Dog Man, but I suddenly felt the urge and decided to tackle it.

Hmm. Well, it's definitely not something that would appeal to most adult readers. So, this is based on a comic the characters (and author) wrote as a kid. It starts with Officer Knight (who's kind of dumb) and Greg the dog (who's a dog) who have a run-in with Petey the Cat (he's the villain) and a bomb. This results in Dog Man, the best policeman ever! He tackles sinister plans by Petey the Cat and other villains and falls in and out of favor with the chief (depending on whether or not he's recently peed or pooped on the chief's new couch).

The art is in color and, like Pilkey's other books, includes flip-o-ramas, dumb jokes, lots of potty humor, and very few female characters (other than the villains). There are also guides to drawing the characters in the back.

I can see why kids like these (and parents don't) the humor is gross and exactly the kind of thing kids making their own comics would scribble. The simple art is the kind of thing that adults say "I could draw better!" but kids will delight in emulating.

Verdict: Fans of Captain Underpants will be delighted to see this new series. Those who don't care for juvenile and potty humor won't be quite so enthused. The library has something for everyone. Enjoy if it's your thing, skip if it's not.

ISBN: 97805455816608; Published 2016 by Scholastic; Purchased for the library


Kate Unger said...

I actually loved this book (4 stars), but mainly it was because it was the first chapter book (graphic novel really) that my 6 year old read. The pictures and simple text made it so easy for him, and the humor was just on his level. Unlike Captain Underpants though, there weren't tons of misspelled words. My son even went back and re-read this book. I recommended it to many of my mom friends because I'm sure their young boys will enjoy it as well. It's not great literature, but it definitely gets kids reading.

Jennifer said...

Yep, they keep the kids reading! We've actually read a bunch of Andy Griffiths in book clubs - just as much potty humor but for some reason I like them better. I have no idea why!