Monday, January 9, 2017

Nonfiction Monday: Disaster Zone: Ice Storms by Vanessa Black; Weather Watch: Fog by Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

Today I'm looking at two titles dealing with weather at two different levels.

Fog, from the series "Weather Watch" is a Bullfrog book. I put them in picture books, but I frequently recommend them to beginning readers as their simple text and trim size work well for this audience. This title uses simple sentences, "Some places are foggier than others. Where? Valleys." to explain where fog is most frequently found and how it is made. A simple index and picture glossary finish out the book.

This series includes titles on clouds, lightning, rain, snow, and wind. Weather is always a popular request for teachers and caregivers and kids interested in learning in the world around them will be happy to pick these titles up.

Ice Storms, from the series "Disaster Zone" is a Pogo book. I usually place these in juvenile nonfiction as they're aimed at an older audience. This title features photographs, blocks of colored backgrounds, and larger paragraphs of text with more complex vocabulary. This particular title narrates the development and possible consequences of a typical ice storm, explains the science behind the phenomena, and talks about some of the emergency measures needed to handle the storm. Several disastrous ice storms are referenced and tips for staying safe in a storm are listed. Back matter includes a science activity, glossary, index, and link to the publisher's website for more information.

I felt the emergency information given was rather general, but there's not much you can do in an ice storm besides stay home if possible anyways. It's a good level for intermediate readers and is dramatic without being overly graphic or frightening.

Verdict: Due to changes in our school's curriculum, I am suddenly in need of a large number of weather books. "Weather Watch" is a good supplementary text if you need additional weather books for a younger audience. "Disaster Zone" is an excellent series to update your older weather selections, especially with current weather disasters.

ISBN: 9781620313886

Ice Storms
ISBN: 9781620313992

Published 2016 by Jump!; Review copies provided by the publisher; Donated to the library

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