Sunday, January 22, 2017

RA RA READ: Big Bad Bullies

I'm not wholly convinced that books make a difference in bullying, but I do get asked occasionally (usually for younger stuff, which is a different list) so this is the best I can do. There are a lot more things which could be added to this, and, like all my lists, it's a work in progress.

  • EllRay Jakes (series) by Sally Warner
  • Invisible Inkling (series) by Emily Jenkins
  • Squish (series) by Jennifer Holm
Middle Grade
  • The Battle of Darcy Lane by Tara Altebrando
  • Max Quigley, technically not a bully by James Roy
  • Kidnappers by Willo Davis Roberts
  • Warp speed by Lisa Yee
  • Girls against Girls by Bonnie Burton (nonfiction - parenting)
Middle School and Teen
  • Hate List by Jennifer Brown
  • Shattering Glass by Gail Giles
  • Bystander by James Preller
  • Some girls are by Courtney Summers
  • Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass by Meg Medina
  • Period 8 by Chris Crutcher

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