Monday, February 13, 2017

Nonfiction Monday: Geckos by Vanessa Black; Diggers by Cari Meister

These two new titles in ongoing series show what Bullfrog does really well - high interest topics, excellent photographs, and simple text. Books like these are what make Bullfrog a popular series for both patrons and teachers in my library.

Geckos is a new entry in the "Reptile World" series. The book opens with the most memorable fact about a gecko - when it loses its tail, it grows back! Further facts are included; the sounds a gecko makes, its sticky toes, and reproduction. Back matter has a labeled photograph of a gecko (Parts of a Gecko), picture glossary, and index.

These are perfect for younger kids who like nonfiction titles and for beginning readers wanting to read on their own. The photographs are bright and attractive, the text simple but informative.

Another popular series at my library is "Machines at work" and I received a copy of one of the new additions, Diggers. Of course, machines are always a popular subject for young children, but how often do you find nonfiction that is at an easy level, includes photographs, and represents diversity? All of these make this a go-to series in my library. This particular title shows a dark-skinned man, "Ed" operating an excavator and a curly-haired woman "Amy" driving a backhoe. Both are shown in action operating different parts of the vehicle and digging holes for different construction projects. Back matter includes a labeled digger, picture glossary, and index. Kids fascinating by machines collect these off the shelf in piles, delighted to find books that fit comfortably in their hands and which they can often read themselves. I love to hand these to my construction-fan girls, knowing they will see women represented equally.

Verdict: These show the best of what Bullfrog offers; accessible, sturdy, and easy books for young children and beginning readers to devour on popular topics. I strongly recommend both series.

ISBN: 9781620313817

ISBN: 9781620313671

Published 2016 by Bullfrog/Jump; Review copies provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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