Sunday, February 19, 2017

Teen area transformation part 2

In part 2, we move materials and computers and set up new furniture. We had to get someone out from our consortium headquarters to fix the data jacks - they were originally made to have one internet data jack and one voice/phone jack. Why I do not know. One of my colleagues helped me haul the unwieldy and rather filthy desks and computers around and then our consortium IT person fixed the jacks. Then we (well, mostly my colleague who is awesome) crawled around on the floor to reconnect everything. I vacuumed and wished I'd brought a clean shirt to change into.

This is now the "official" teen lab. All two computers of it. This is supposed to be the area for teens who want to study or talk quietly.

We have all our soft seating back in this area, four tables (they fit together to create two big tables) and 12 chairs. We'll be able to have programs and after school activities on these tables.

See the nice tables? And the kids are enjoying stacking cups. You can't do the actual cup stacking thing with dixie cups, incidentally, because they squish, but you can build towers with them.

The new hang out and chat arrangement

We moved all the ya audiobooks upstairs to the adult audio room. It's mainly adults who listen to them and we had run out of space, especially since I had a batch of playaways donated by the school library. We spread the graphic novels out to have more display space. Our graphic novels don't circulate as much as I would like, but maybe the new display area will open it up.

So, there it is. Now all we have to do is use it!


Ami said...

Looks great! How are the teens liking it?

Jennifer said...

Well, it's only been up for a few days - and now I'm off! Mostly, they, uh, seem a little scared of the tables. I am working to move them from the children's tables to their own. Middle schoolers are very resistant to change.