Saturday, February 18, 2017

This week at the library

Nobody knows how we got this mixture
something with cornstarch and soap?
Those are not my hands, incidentally.
Happening this week...
  • Monday
    • Playgroup with Pattie
    • Tiny Tots (Pattie)
    • My desk has the Mondays and so do I. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and a lot frazzled, but I did not actually bite anybody and while some of my staff are tiptoeing around me a bit, I had previously provided chocolate so it will be ok.
  • Tuesday
    • Toddlers 'n' Books (2) (Pattie)
    • Rock 'n' Read
    • This weather is making me sick - I mean that literally. Cold enough to release cedar pollen, dry and warm enough for it to hang in the air. I am miserable. Although, when I have continuous sinus headaches for days, I remind myself that I am fortunate not to suffer from migraines. Large group at book club, even though they weren't actually interested in talking about the book club books, just spreading glitter and enthusing about Harry Potter. We got the teen computers moved, reconnected, and running, thanks to my colleagues!
  • Wednesday
    • Winter Wigglers: Interactive Storytime
    • I used the materials from my outreach storytime and a few extra books from my professional collection. I started with three very young toddlers, who didn't quite get it, and ended with 4 older kids who didn't want to stop! We cleaned up, finished projects, and Jess put furniture together. The teen area is almost done!
  • Thursday
    • Books 'n' Babies
    • Mad Scientists Club: Science Does Dough
    • Valentine's Open Crafts
    • The adult department had a Valentine's program "art and love songs". This was originally planned for last Thursday, when I had Lego Club (and before V-Day). But things got changed around, so it was today instead. This was a bit tricky, as I had Mad Scientists Club and it was super messy. Fortunately, all the staff worked together and it worked. We both had a great turnout and the adults kindly overlooked the stains on the floor that I didn't have time to clean up because they wanted to get started right away! I stayed for the evening and opened the storyroom with crafts for any kids who wanted to hang out while their parents were being all romantic.
  • Friday
    • Outreach Storytime: Get up and move
    • I started early to take our cushion covers to the cleaners. Last outreach storytime for February. Spent about an hour alternately vacuuming, scrubbing, and cleaning the carpet. Note to self - that combination of ingredients sticketh like a....sticky thing. Determined assault on desk, including more holds for school projects, paperwork, orders, and finally cleaning up all the toys with missing pieces. Finally left an hour late. Now it's time for VACATION.
Projects in progress
  • Continuing to update the picture book neighborhoods
  • Tentative program calendar for summer sent out for review
  • Updating teen magazines
  • Putting together summer activity prize packs for grants
  • Ordering replacements and putting together all the pieces of toys left in my office. You can see new toys at my Read 'n' Play blog.
Projects completed
  • Staff schedules through May
  • Completed first round of paperwork for my LSTA mini grant
  • Completed and submitted Dollar General grant
Professional Development
  • Learn@UW class: Child development, library space, and behavior (week 4)
  • Learn@UW class: How do you manage that: Issues in youth services management (week 3)
Voices from Book Club
  • A lot of kids are reading Battle of the Books titles. Rain Reign by Martin is a favorite. They're also reading Wonder, one kid is reading Warriors, and several are getting into Harry Potter. Other books mentioned include Detectives in Togas and American Girl books.
  • Several enthusiastic fans of Bird & Squirrel. One requested all the sequels.
  • A couple kids read Dealing with Dragons but they're more into Harry Potter right now.
  • Our nonfiction - Hatshepsut and Fatty Legs - were read and enjoyed but the girls weren't feeling chatty.
  • Finally got a couple kids to take Melonhead. Nobody wanted Robe of Skulls though.

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