Friday, March 31, 2017

Princess Posey and the first grade play by Stephanie Greene, illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson

Princess Posey is back in another sweet adventure. From her first days of first grade, faces the challenges and fears of a new school and new routines, Posey has progressed through the small triumphs and travails of school and is ready to tackle a new adventure.

Posey and her class are studying bees, which she loves. She also loves her classmate's special bee eraser. She doesn't love not being picked to be the queen bee and doesn't see why Caitlyn should have everything. In a moment of weakness, she takes the special bee eraser. What will she do now?

Sisson's gentle charcoal illustrations capture the small joys and sorrows that loom so large in Posey's life. Posey's struggle to be content with what she has, her mom's firm but kind lessons on not getting everything Posey wants. There's small dramas, emotions, and humor in this sweet, cheerful story.

While I would like to see more diversity pictured than just the make up of Posey's classroom, in general this is a pretty typical picture of the average classroom in our area and girls do relate to Posey's life and stories very strongly.

Verdict: I'm still regularly recommending this series to families who want the slice of life introduction to school but don't like the attitude or bad grammar of Junie B. Jones. I have no personal feelings either way myself, except for a private feeling that class clowns like Junie B. are annoying, but this series continues to offer a nice expansion of our collection.

ISBN: 9780399175688; Published 2017 by Putnam; Purchased for the library; Review copy provided by publisher

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