Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rain by Sam Usher

The little boy from Snow returns in another story of weather and imagination. As the rain falls, the little boy imagines all the things he could be doing outside; playing in puddles, sailing across the water, going on adventures. But Grandpa keeps saying "Let's wait for the rain to stop." The little boy imagines more and more exciting adventures as the water rises until finally Grandpa says it's time to go out and mail a letter. Then the party begins amidst rain drops, boats, clowns, and mailboxes. Back home with towels and hot drinks, the two agree that "the very best things are always worth waiting for."

Gentle colors and playful toys and costumes decorate the pages as the story shifts between gloomy outdoor scenes of downpours and the cozy inside of the house. The quiet affection between grandparent and grandchild is portrayed with warmth and feeling, as is the little boy's impatience to get outside. Once they venture forth, the scenes take on an imaginative quality as costumed actors cavort among gondolas, escorting the two on their adventure to mail a letter.

This cheerful story is a sweet addition to rainy-day books. The jump between watching the rain and apparently riding through the floods in partying gondolas was a little odd, but then I'm pretty literal and would like it spelled out whether or not this was a flood, were emergency personnel called, and where the clowns came from. Or is it all in the little boy's imagination?

Verdict: The repetition makes this a nice candidate for storytimes and preschoolers will enjoy speculating on whether the flood is real or imagined.

ISBN: 9780763692964; Published 2017 by Templar; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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