Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Colors by John J. Reiss

We have a strong board book collection at my library; several patrons have remarked on our selection and size. However, in 2015/2016 I had a drop in circulation and in 2017 I shifted the area so now I am determined to update, renew, and make this area the best it can be! Towards this end I am purchasing not only replacements but new titles to expand the revive the collection.

This is a new board book edition of a 1969 title, as can be clearly seen in the art style. Each spread shows a selection of different items in the selected color. Blue shows a light blue sky, dark blue sea with curved waves, blue cornflowers on a white background, blueberries on a black background, bluebirds on a black background, and a variety of blue butterflies with blue and yellow dots on a blue background. There's also a blue policeman's coat with gold star and buttons.

The art has a distinctive, quirky style that contrasts sharply with the various lighter and darker colors and white and black backgrounds. There are lots of colored dots and circles against the simple shapes that make up the different items. Some of them seem a bit outdated or confusing for very young children - policeman and fireman instead of police officer or firefighter (and police in our area wear black, not blue). Gooseberries, cornflowers, and licorice sticks are rather odd choices, as are the inclusion of "puppy dog tails" in the brown section.

However, this is a pleasant introduction to colors and will be fun for parents and toddlers to enjoy together while learning some new words. It would also be a good choice for encouraging children to spot different colors everywhere they go.

Verdict: An additional choice, if you're looking to refresh your board books on colors.

ISBN: 9781481476430; This edition published 2016 by Little Simon; Purchased for the library

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