Saturday, June 3, 2017

This week at the library; or, Let the madness begin

Happening this week
  • Tuesday
    • SRP registration opens
    • 3rd grade browsing and checkout
    • 3rd grade field trip: Animal Quest
      • Very excited to get some more contacts going with Lakelands School
      • Still not sure what happened to my second school (only one came), but I think I forgot to send a reminder in the midst of all the other crises last week. Darn.
  • Wednesday
    • Tom Watson school author visit (3 schools)
      • Thankful that our Friends president did all the work! Lots of enthusiasm, my booktalking cards went well. A busy day.
      • Another ELL contact and got my summer school visits confirmed, so that's good
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Middle school outreach
      • Of course I picked up a sinus infection or something. Of course. *mutter*
      • I never feel like I really have good choices for the sixth graders (soon to be 7th). Too young? Too old? I dunno. Thankfully Ms. Yingling is here to reassure me.
  • Saturday
    • SRP officially starts
    • Safety Shower
    • Worldwide Knit-in Public Day
      • The weather was grungy, my sinus infection is worse and my apartment smells like cow manure. No, I don't know why. I did finish the bills and went home early, as there were only a few people there and I wasn't on the information desk.
Projects in progress and completed
Feel free to preface all these remarks with an AUUUGHH I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE NOW!!
  • Finish booktalking cards before Wednesday!
  • LotG planning crafts and organizing schedules!
  • Monthly report!
  • Ordered 10 pounds of air dry clay - am now committed to making fossils for the geology program.
  • New staff member started. I...sort of finished updating the training materials.

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