Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Look & Learn: Big Cats by Ruth A. Musgrave

I have a soft spot for National Geographic's children's books in any form, but I love their bright and colorful photographs in board book format. This might or might not be good.

Each spread in this book shows a different big cat performing an action, then invites the reader to mimic or perform a similar action. When we see a fluffy snow leopard in the snow, we learn that "Thick, soft fur keeps the snow leopard warm." Readers are invited to touch the snow leopard (a disappointing exercise since this isn't a touchy-feely book) and then rub their own hair. A tiger licking itself gets a suggestion to find the tiger's tongue, then your own.

The spreads show photographs that pop out from the page, set against bold blocks of color and simple text. The board book is a slightly smaller format, about 5x5 inches.

Verdict: I do love the photographs, but the heavier text and smaller format of the books doesn't click well with the toddlers I've tested this on. Sadly, I will probably strike these off my series to purchase for the board books.

ISBN: 9781426327018; Published 2017 by National Geographic; Purchased for the library

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