Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Small Readers: Dino Safari: A Lego adventure in the real world by Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris

I was very interested in this new series that combines nonfiction and Lego minifigures. I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good though, so I waited until I could borrow some from another library. I ended up with the dinosaur title seen here.

It's a fairly typical nonfiction book about dinosaurs. It's a Scholastic reader level 2, which is very high and I would say was closer to 2nd or 3rd grade reading, rather than an emerging reader. Each page is packed with a full paragraph of text, multiple captions, and lots of additional pictures of both dinosaurs and Legos. The minifigures carry on their own humorous dialogue in speech balloons. There are also Lego building suggestions, a glossary, list of dinosaur names and their pronunciation, and an index.

The main lego minifigure is a British colonial stereotype with monocle and hat. This is disturbing. There is also a red-haired female scientist and other Lego figures. My take-away is that this isn't really an easy reader at all. It's too cluttered, has too much complex vocabulary, and is just overall busy. But that doesn't mean I won't buy them!

Verdict: These are a great addition to my easy reader tubs, where I put Disney, superhero, Star Wars, and other television tie-ins. They're meant for kids either with higher reading levels or for adults to read with their kids and not necessarily to work on reading skills. They'll definitely circulate briskly.

ISBN: 978-0545947664; Published June 2016 by Scholastic; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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